Tom Thumb

Here in the church, we have the remains of a miniature folk hero!  Walk around the font to see if you can find his gravestone bearing the name Tom Thumb…….

Local legend tells us that Tom, a native of Tattershall, was only 18 inches tall and lived to be 101 when he passed away in 1620! 

What did you guess for the size of his grave?  The answer is 16” or 40 cm in length!

There have been books written about Tom Thumb for many years and there is even a poem written about his grave. 

Can you read this out loud as you look at his little gravestone?

Here lies Tom Thumb, King Arthur’s knight,

Who died by a spider’s cruel bite.

He was well known in Arthur’s court,

Where he afforded gallant sport;

He rode at tilt and tournament,

And on a mouse a-hunting went;

Alive he fill’d the court with mirth

His death to sorrow soon gave birth.

Wipe, wipe your eyes, and shake your head

And cry, ‘Alas! Tom Thumb is dead.

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