Tattershall College

This is another building that was part of Ralph, Lord Cromwell’s great building programme in Tattershall!

The building served as a grammar school for tenants of Lord Cromwell and his successors, providing a free education in a time when few had access to it. But only to male children of local Lords!

In the 18thCentury it was converted into a maltings to process grain into malt for the brewing of beer.

But why does it have no roof? What was your guess?

In 1972 it was taken into the care of the Ministry of Public Building and Works and had its roof and structural timbers removed to have it made safe for visitors. It was then handed over to English Heritage. The decision to remove the roof and timbers is still controversial, as we now endeavour to conserve the roofs of historic ruins, as they help to keep vegetation, pest activity and the impact of the elements much more manageable. This shows how approaches to long-term and sustainable conservation work has changed over time.

This property is managed by Heritage Lincolnshire on behalf of English Heritage.

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