Inside of Tattershall Castle

So how many steps did you count when walking up through the Great Tower?  The answer is 149!  Do your legs hurt? Well done if you climbed all the way to the top in just one go!

As you explore, make sure that you tick off the things that you find! 

When you start at the bottom of the tower, keep an eye out as there is an ongoing ‘myth’ that in the basement there is a secret passage.  This is where the well used to be but is now patched up. This secret passage supposedly takes you all the way to Kirkstead Abbey (among other locations) along an underground route!

When you start to go into the different rooms, take a look at some of themagnificent fireplaces.  Most of these in the Great Tower were nearly sold off to an American consortium, but rescued just before they were to be shipped out from Tilbury Docks in London. Can you imagine how they would be able to do that? Can you imagine these big rooms without those huge fireplaces?  Wouldn’t it be cold!

As you go around, you will see that there is a lot of Graffiti in the tower, but most of it is not modern. Many go all the way back to medieval times and give us a glimpse into their lives, and we even have mason marks that may still be seen from the Great Towers original construction in 1434!

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