The Collegiate Church of The Holy Trinity

Did you know?...

As we said in your passport, our church is a Grade I listed Churchwhich was the vision of Ralph de Cromwell, who was Chancellor to Henry VI. However, he didn’t see the finished building and so the rest of the work was supervised by the Bishop of Winchester. Can you imagine planning something for many years and then never seeing it being finished?

There is plenty of light in the church, and one of the reasons for this is our huge windows.  Look up at the stained-glass windows and describe what you can see.

The original conception for the church was that all the windows should be filled with brightly coloured stained glass, and so they were until the 18th century, when a vicar suggested that the stained glass be removed and replaced with clear. By 1754 all the stained glass was gone. At this point there was a misunderstanding or dispute over how much the new, clear glass would cost, with the result that the chancel windows were left with no glass and other windows were bricked up. Today, some of the original stained glass can still be seen in the east window.

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