The Collegiate Church of The Holy Trinity

Did you know?… As we said in your passport, our church is a Grade I listed Churchwhich was the vision of Ralph de Cromwell, who was Chancellor to Henry VI. However, he didn’t see the finished building and so the rest of the work was supervised by the Bishop of Winchester. Can you imagine planning something for […]

Tom Thumb

Here in the church, we have the remains of a miniature folk hero!  Walk around the font to see if you can find his gravestone bearing the name Tom Thumb……. Local legend tells us that Tom, a native of Tattershall, was only 18 inches tall and lived to be 101 when he passed away in […]

The Bats at Holy Trinity

Photos Copyright of Hugh Clark; Bat Conservation Trust Holy Trinity church contains significant colonies of two of the UK’s 18 species of bat namely soprano pipistrelle and Daubenton’s bats. The bats are attracted here because of the close by food source of insects from the flooded gravel pits and the relatively stable conditions of the […]

Tattershall Castle

In 1231, Tattershall Castle was constructed by Robert de Tattershall so it is nearly 800 years old! In 1430 until 1450, Lord Ralph Cromwell who we told you about in the Church, decided to have a major expansion on the castle and he used bricks to rebuild the castle. It was more common for a […]

Inside of Tattershall Castle

So how many steps did you count when walking up through the Great Tower?  The answer is 149!  Do your legs hurt? Well done if you climbed all the way to the top in just one go! As you explore, make sure that you tick off the things that you find!  When you start at […]

Market Cross

What do you think the Market cross was built for? A buttercross, is a type of market cross associated with English market towns and dating from medieval times. Its name originates from the fact that they were located at the market place, where people from neighbouring villages would gather to buy locally produced butter, milk and eggs. The fresh produce was laid out […]

Bearhugs Nurseries Ltd

A little about us… Bearhugs is owned by Sonia Elton who founded the company in 2011, after taking over the small council run creche that her sons, Eddie and Henry attended at the time. This facility was to be closed by the council and Sonia felt that is was such a loss that she invested […]

Tattershall College

This is another building that was part of Ralph, Lord Cromwell’s great building programme in Tattershall! The building served as a grammar school for tenants of Lord Cromwell and his successors, providing a free education in a time when few had access to it. But only to male children of local Lords! In the 18thCentury […]

Tattershall Farm Park

Here are some interesting facts about the animals you might see at Tattershall Farm Park! Ferrets You might be lucky if you see some of our Ferret friends as did you know, they love to sleep!  They usually doze off for 14-18 hours in a day. If only humans could do this too, we wouldn’t […]

Tattershall Water Park

Fabulous family fun for everyone + Free Hot Drink! Whatever your water sports passion, we’ve got it all at Tattershall Lakes Water Park.